Just Keep Walking

I looked north…a beacon to me.  I looked south, to where I’d been… and considered my options.  There was only one, I knew.  There was always only one.

To keep walking.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, Cheryl Strayed

Usually I don’t go see movies after I read the book.  It is always a disappointment.  But this time, I had no intention of reading the book. Well, at first.

I have always been interested in Appalachia.  The Appalachian Trail represents unrealistic imagining; the beauty and rigor, the will to keep going, leaving your “real life” behind with a clear vision of the trail before you. I hadn’t ever heard of the PCT- a trail from Mexico to Canada through the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain ranges.

Wild, the movie, is adapted from Cheryl Strayed’s memoir of her walk.  Reece Witherspoon played Cheryl and of course the movie sensationalized a few events, but the steadiness of transformation permeated the pages.

I decided to check out an electronic copy of the book from my local library only to find I was 9th on the “hold” list.  With no sense of urgency, I’ve patiently waited.

In the meantime, another movie, A Walk in the Woods… the same tactic, different trail.  Mitch and I went to see the movie with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.  The movie was entertaining and so I decided to read the book about the men’s walk on the Appalachian trail.  While this movie, in my humble opinion, was a departure from the book, the movie personas stayed with me while I read.  “I just walked…I was a walker again…” iterated that reassuring theme.  Just keep walking.

Both books, (I’ve read 91% of Wild), have been great evening companions.  Just keep walking.  I am at a sort of crossroads in my life again.  Just keep walking.  I’ve been asking questions with no answers. Don’t be afraid. Just keep walking.  Mmmm… Just keep walking?

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