Touching My Toes

A “forward fold” its called in Yoga practice; gazing at my chins, the crown of my head near my feet, the skin on my face pulled by gravity so I don’t look quite like myself.  In such a posture, I can’t see the other’s around me as I fold inward and feel release. It challenges my sense of myself physically and mindfully; not being able to see if I’m “doing it right” or comparing myself to others who seem more accomplished, or younger, or leaner than I.

I’ve done some embarrassing things in the last couple of days.  Things that really don’t matter too much except for how it makes me feel– less than adequate in other peoples’ eyes.

I follow a blog written by “THE TWELVE,” people who consider their “purpose is to express the Reformed faith theologically; to engage issues that Reformed Christians meet in personal, ecclesiastical, and societal life; and thus to contribute to the mission of the church of Jesus Christ.”  Today’s post was by guest blogger, Rev. Annie Reilly, and I encourage you to read her post link here.

I began the day feeling restless and unsure after a great night’s sleep.  I felt afraid to start the day; inadequate to approach the work before me.

Annie (I don’t really know her but she feels familiar) says “I need to stop limiting God’s goodness by thinking that I had anything to do with it…[and] to root myself in the identity that God has given me.”

So I’ll take another fold forward, touch my toes and release my hold.

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