Living the questions

Living the questions… the title of a video course I attended this week and also a sort of epiphany for me.  That is what Henri Nouwen’s words mean for me, now.  Living into a new way of thinking means living the questions that I wrestle with rather than just posing them.

Pondering “what do I need to let go of?” like I did last week has another side in the living of it.

The air where I live is crisper, cooler, and encouraging these days. There is just a hint in the air that the leaves are about to take on new color.  On closer examination, however, I notice other signs.  Squirrels with puffy cheeks carry fall’s bounty as they dash across the streets.  Green husks camouflage rich walnuts I step on walking through my back yard.  Leggy flowers and herbs are “going to seed” as the season for harvesting wanes.

Seeds?  That was the ah-ha moment.

In a previous post I alluded to Carrie Newcomer’s song, Leaves Don’t Drop They Just Let Go (click on this link and enjoy).  The refrain of her song:

‘Cause leaves don’t drop they just let go
And make a space for seeds to grow
And every season brings a change
A tree is what a seed contains
To die and live is life’s refrain

The other question… the one that is lived along with letting go.  What new thing is being redeemed inside of me?  What new thing will be able to grow now?

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