Another way of seeing…

Gratitude for what is, what you are now, and to move toward the edge of possibility…   

I heard these words this morning.  I’ve come across that “edge” idea on a couple of occasions.  One, in exercise, means to take yourself to the edge.  This means that as I squat down slowly, heals up, balancing on my toes, my arms extended straight out in front of me; my legs are shaking, trembling uncontrollably.  Another edge is in academic work.  Now emeritus, Dr. M., didn’t just encourage, but demanded that what we did, how we considered what to study, began at the edge of what was now known.  In other words, I am expected to jump off that cliff or at the very least to lean forward enough to solidly peer over it.

What is the edge of possibility?   As I begin a new semester doing what I’ve been doing for a while, what could be new?  It is so easy to settle.  To settle in, settle for…to comfortably sit, not near the edge, but way back where I know it is safe; where I can be successful for now or not expect too much.

It is not personal striving, I need to make that clear to myself.  It is not working harder to reinvent the wheel, what has already been done.  Going to the edge of what is possible means to push the limits of what I know and have experienced so that I actively look for newness, the unexpected, beyond what I know is possible.  Possible is a limiting word.  What might I learn or experience if I do go to the edge; even the edge of what I’ve done many times before from another perspective?

I’m reminded of Patrick Overton’s poem that when we walk to the edge there will be something solid for us to stand on or we will learn to fly. 

So, it is possible to believe six impossible things before breakfast, I just have to be on the edge where I have another view.  And probably loosen my grip… let go, even a bit.

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