infinite time - clock

This image is titled “infinite time-clock.”  I do not know the original source. I first encountered it in a digital story created by a sixth grader, age 12, considering his life in the future.  He situated the image as going back in time wondering if he could do better in his life. I found the image again when I was searching for “eternal time,”  a concept that transcends chronological time.

I think a lot about time.  How long some things take and how quickly this past week went by.  Today I drove for four hours on the interstate that seemed like forever.  The truth, I think, is that time doesn’t matter– at least not the way I measure time.

To save time today I drove a little bit faster. I left clothes in the dryer. I only walked the dog down the street and back–not around the block or through the park.  I used that apple corer thing to cut my apple into wedges instead of a knife.  I still had to use a knife because I couldn’t get the “core” straight in the nice round hole.  So what did I do with all the time I saved?  I don’t know.

Maybe I need to pay attention to what I am doing in time rather than what I am doing with time.

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