Imagining God With Me

Imagining is a powerful way to practice the presence of God.  Particularly in the last year, imagining to know that God is going before me, not to carve out just one path, but many, has encouraged me.  Isaiah 30:27 reminds and reassures me of the kind of presence that a centering joy, the deep down presence of God, allows.  “And when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left..”  that doesn’t seem like indecision to me, it seems like there is more than one way to find God in our worlds.  No matter where I am, “your ears shall hear a word behind you.”  Ahhh, behind me and before me, I can rest in that image that God surrounds me, going before me to drop bread crumbs for me to follow and going behind me, like today, when I know I will leave much I do, unfinished.  But even if I am unsure, unfinished, the word behind me will be saying, “this is the way walk in it.” I imagine God’s whispering or turning my head in the right direction that shows me a way.  The trick is to trust that presence, to imagine God’s hand upon my shoulder, guiding, comforting, inspiring, lifting, a real presence that I can rest in, even when I am busy doing.

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