A Whisper from God

Someone told me today that God whispers.  She was right.  I even listen sometimes, but don’t always follow through.  Have you ever had an impression or maybe a fleeting idea that you knew deep inside was right? Maybe that is how God whispers with glimmers of possibility.  Unfortunately, when that happens, I think my way out of it.

Oh, its too late now to call _____.  

I don’t really have time today, I have to get _____ finished.

That will never work because…. (and I insert all the reasons here).

What would they think of me if I did that?

But today I paid attention. I heard the whispers in the kitchen when I was chopping vegetables. So, right then, before too much thinking went on,  I called my friend Sam who was expecting medical news a couple of days ago. The conversation was long, I listened, and realized what a gift she has that I was able to affirm.

Earlier in the morning, I had already planned to visit Ella, another friend, who is sometimes challenged to remember who I am. After the unexpected long phone conversation with Sam I started to think that it was too late in the day to go. What you think isn’t necessarily true and this was one of those times– so I went.  She showed me around her apartment, one large room, as if I’d never been there before. She acknowledged through her smiles and hugs, though, what she cannot always summon from her failing memory.  That was a joy to experience.

I didn’t do any of the professional work that has been pressing on me…I still feel a twinge of worry about that but I know for certain that it will be there in the morning waiting patiently.  And I will show up in the morning too, refreshed and ready.

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