Radical Trust

As I read slowly, and more than once, sacred reading, scripture, a poem or short essay, I find that certain words transform my attention from reading to prayer. I used to write these words in my journal and then re-read the passage over a period of days as a form of praying or meditation. Now I am trying to bring that word or phrase to my mind as often as possible over the course of the day. This week I read this excerpt on Psalm 106 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness.

May we become bearers of joy,

we who are invited to share in

the Cosmic Dance!

We pray for the gift of wisdom,

that the motivations of our heart

might be made pure,

That we may recognize the perfect

timing of all things

and know the seasons of

the heart.

May we walk with faith all the days

of our life—

confident in your Living Presence

even in times of trouble,

and with assurance for what is

and all that is to be;

May we have faith in the unfolding of our lives, and

radical trust in the universe.

Radical trust. That same day I had to meet with some people I didn’t know and whom I perceived were smarter and more accomplished that I certainly thought I was that day. This meeting was really not very important but emblematic of many of my struggles. Radical trust that the virtual planning session would go okay? Not quite. The radical trust rests “with assurance for what is and all that is to be” in the unfolding of my life. Unfolding is a key word here that means I am not able to see it or know it yet…perspective makes a difference.

Joy requires radical trust.

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